Advertising Graphics and Communication

15-Month Course
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15 months / 950 ore (3 modules)
Inizio corsi: 4 March 2024
20/22 hours per week
9am to 2pm from Monday to Friday
10 - 15

A course arising from the need to prepare the new generations of creators

Keep in step with this change by developing the skills and technical and functional expertise necessary for being competitive on the increasingly more complex design and communication market.

The Course

The course
The role of the professional in the field of advertising communication and design is undergoing profound changes that require the acquisition of ever broader and more diversified skills.
The Advertising Graphics Designer, Art Director, Web Designer, Video Maker, and Editorial Graphics Experts are just some of the professional figures that the labour market is demanding and which this course prepares you for.
Knowing how to govern change and tackle the challenges of innovation is the key to success in this ever-changing environment.
Thanks to theoretical and practical lessons, students feel part of the contemporary debate on how communication design is changing as they learn to work on all channels, from the most traditional to the web and social media.
The training offer of the Cappiello Academy allows for a high level of specialisation and in-depth learning; students can count on solid and effective training, as the lectures are given by teachers who are first and foremost professionals in their relative sectors and who bring their direct experience to the school. In addition, the Academy boasts a stimulating methodology that helps students to discover, enhance and develop their own creative potential, inclinations and attitudes.
In an ever-changing scenario, the constantly updated combination of theoretical foundations and guided practical experiences makes it possible for students to become, at the end of the courses, qualified professionals ready for the world of work.
Three modules and 2+1 study plans
The teachings of the 2 + 1 Graphics and Communication Advertising Course are organised in three modules, plus additional optional in-depth courses, for enriching the study course: an initial basic training module, a second professional training module and a third advanced education/masters module, as well as optional in-depth courses.
The student can decide to enrol in the first two modules of professional training or the complete path of 3 modules in 15 months.
At the end of the two modules with the total duration of one year, a professional diploma is obtained, and at the end of the third module, a master’s degree.

Modules and lectures

  • Advertising 1
  • Art Direction 1
  • Concept and Visual
  • Photography 1
  • Editorial Graphics 1
  • Introduction to the Media
  • Applied Graphics laboratory 1
  • Lettering
  • Photo Editing 1
  • Semiotic
  • History of Art and Graphic
  • Vector Illustration 1
  • Advertising 2
  • Art Direction 2
  • Basic Brand Design
  • Basic Packaging Design
  • Basic Project Management
  • Copywriting and Storytelling
  • Photography 2
  • Editorial Graphics 2
  • Applied Graphics laboratory 2
  • Basic Motion Graphic
  • Photo Editing 2
  • Vector Illustration2
  • Basic Video making
  • Basic Web Design
  • Advanced Photo Editing
  • Advertising 3
  • Art Direction Lab
  • Brand Design
  • Photography 3
  • Grafica Editoriale 3
  • Lab. Grafica applicata 3
  • Motion Graphic
  • Packaging Design
  • Project Management
  • Realtà Aumentata
  • Tecnologia della stampa
  • Vector Illustration 3
  • Video making
  • Web Design and Communication

For the detailed programme and costs of the course, please download the informative PDF

Skills acquired at the end of the course

Visual Design
Concept Development
Design Software
Brand identity & packaging
Infographics & Typography
Art Direction

The professional figures

  • Art director
  • Concept artist
  • Graphic designer
  • Communication designer
  • Web designer
  • Video maker
  • Editorial graphics designer
  • Advertising graphics designer
  • Infographic designer


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