Corso Digital Communication

Annual Courses
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8 mesi / 360 - 540 hours (2 or 3 modules) (2-3 modules)
20 hours a week time 14–18 from Monday to Friday
8 - 15

A course designed to offer very vertical preparation on digital communication

Created in response to an ever-increasing training and professional demands, this course trains on the design and analysis of digital communication strategies through the main marketing levers and skills of web and user experience design.

The course

It is aimed at those who want to combine horizontal skills on digital communication with other extremely professional vertical skills.
A training course that addresses the challenges posed by digital communication, for the aim of arming communication and marketing professionals with the right skills for understanding the models and languages of the different channels, exploiting their potential to the utmost.
The course aims at training the new professional figures required by the digital world of work: from the Social Media Manager, to the Web designer, from the Store Manager to the Digital Marketing & Communication Specialist, from the User experience Designer to the SEO & Analytics Specialist.
It has an exceptionally high percentage of employees among its graduates and the requests from companies for applicants for job positions or internships are very frequent.
The course has a structure that provides a common basic module and afterwards, the possibility of selecting one or more modules of in-depth analysis on Marketing and Social Media or on Design and Development.
Each student can decide their own study plan by associating one or two of the “Digital communication” and “Digital Technologies” modules with the “Digital Basic” basic module. At the discretion of the Academy it is also possible to evaluate the addition of single subjects to the study plan.

  • Project Management I
  • Electronic Business & E-Commerce I
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Web Marketing
  • HTML and CSS
  • User experience design I
  • Digital Advertising
  • Systems of content management
  • Copywriting
  • SEO SEM and Analytics
  • Electronic Business & E-Commerce II
  • Video Making
  • Social eCommerce
  • Social Media Communication
  • Copyright and Copyleft
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Research and Display – Google AdWords
  • Digital Adv – Native & Affiliate Adv
  • Photo editing
  • User experience design II
  • Project Management II
  • Web Development
  • Computer Design con Adobe Suite
  • Augmented and immersive reality
  • Programming principles
  • Web design
  • Templates and plugins per the CMS
  • Infographics and data visualization

For the detailed programme and costs of the course, please download the informative PDF

Skill acquired at the end of the course

Digital Strategy
Ux Design
Digital Advertising
Web Marketing
Social Media
Seo / Sem
Web Development
Web Design
Computer Grafica
Video & Photo Editing / Multimedia
Copywriting & Story Telling

The professional figures

  • Digital Analyst
  • Digital Strategist
  • Digital Marketing & Communication Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Web designer
  • User experience Designer
  • Web Store Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Augmented Reality Specialist
  • Designer with the Adobe Creative suite


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