Fashion Communication & Trends

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8 months / 540 hours (3 modules) (3 modules)
20 hours a week
time 14 – 18 from Monday to Friday.
5 - 20

The Fashion Communication course is for training on the new professions in the fashion sector

Eclecticism and Multidisciplinarity: these are the key words for the contemporary professional.

The course

A specialised, dynamic and “fluid” figure, with a broad knowledge of the complex mechanisms that revolve around the Fashion system: from communication to materials, from design to retail. Working in the Fashion sector today requires specialisation and adaptability to different work scenarios; it is necessary to be able to recognize the role of our collaborators and of all the actors involved in the communication and production process of a brand in order to develop a project in the best possible way, combining creativity with precise technical knowledge and transversal and actual interpersonal skills. Fashion Communication & Trends is a training course aimed at new professional figures in the fashion industry: Product Manager, Fashion Editor, Stylist, and all those who want to gain in-depth knowledge of the communication dynamics of the Fashion system, for representing the trait d’union between Fashion and Communication, between Marketing and Product Development … for becoming the professional of the future!

The new professional figures
The course prepares the new professional figures required by the world of Fashion requires at this time: from the Fashion Communication Manager to the Image Consultant, from the Fashion Hunter to the PR and events planner, from the Product Manager to the Fashion Editor.

Applied Graphics

Acquisition of the necessary skills for using the Creative Suite Adobe: Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop software

History of Fashion 1
The cyclicity of fashion and its historical appeal: from Greek-Roman costumes to the 19th century

History of Modern and Contemporary Art and Architecture
The influence of art and architecture on fashion and its creative processes.

The influence of fashion on society from the Renaissance to today, the “fashion experience” and its sociological meanings

Inspiration & Mood Boarding
From the concept to the project, the creative process narrated in images

Communicating fashion

The expressive methods of Fashion Advertising and Communication of fashion

Copy & Fashion Writing
From the key concept to the declination of the campaign

Digital communication
Digital communication in the fashion system

Web Influence & trends
The influence of the web on the fashion system and its trends

Semiotics of Fashion
As Virginia Woolf claimed: “The function of clothing is not just that of keeping us warm…”

History of Fashion 2
The cyclicity of fashion and its historical appeal: from the 20th century until today

Fashion Marketing
From Experiential Marketing, to Brand Values up to the positioning of a brand + Cross-production of a brand: causes and effects

Fashion photograph
Photography in the fashion sector

Digital image processing in the Fashion system
How the fashion image has distorted our perception of our body. Use and abuse of Photoshop. Theoretical and practical.

Fashion Publishing
The magazine, catalogue and lookbook tools: differences, functions, declinations and uses

Fashion Blogging
A reasoned analysis of a socio-cultural phenomenon of by now enormous scope

Psychology of the perception and theory of colour
The Gestalt school and the interaction of colour

Fashion Project Management
Students will learn how to understand the roles of the Project Manager and manage some basic tools for good organization of the work and the operating actors (relationship with customers and collaborators).

Fashion Events Planner
Step-by-step analysis of the creation of an event and coordination of the professional figures involved.

Video Communication
The video as a powerful Fashion communication instrument.

Fashion Editor
Organisation, coordination and knowledge of the editorial processes

Electronic Business and E-commerce
Online sales and promotion instruments

Shop Window Experience
The shop window as an essential fashion communication instrument: case histories and window-dressing workshop.

Styling & Forecasting
The figure of the Stylist: sensitivity, instinct, method and knowledge of the fashion system.

Technology of the materials + 3D printing workshop
Materials, trends and applications

Retail Design
The role of the store in the purchasing experience and the brand reputation

The Product Manager | Focus on Sunglasses
Amidst style, marketing and production

For the detailed programme and costs of the course, please download the informative PDF

Skills acquired at the end of the course

Art direction
Communication Management
Fashion Marketing
Project Management
Public Relations

The professional figures

  • Art director
  • Trend Forecaster
  • Web Communication manager
  • Event Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Fashion Editor


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