Interior Design

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6 months / 325 ore
20 hours per week
time 9am to 2pm from Monday to Friday
8 - 15

An advanced training course on interior design

Designed for all those who have already acquired good skills and want to expand and improve their knowledge through a training course focussing on the world of work.

The Master

This is a superior course intended for both students who have attended the annual course in Interior Design at the Academy, and all those who, having already learned about the subject, intend to achieve a higher level in interior design.
10 Teachings divided into two distinct areas:
Design workshops
Digital Representation

Students will develop their knowledge through theoretical lessons, practical exercises, workshops and visits to manufacturing companies, stores, artisan workshops and international trade fairs.

Teachings of the New Master in Interior Design:

  • Master Lab 1
    Analysis of furnishing types and the design of furnishing elements
  • Master Lab 2
    Exhibition Design
  • Master Lab 3
    The lived-in home: interior renovation and furnishing project for residential use
  • Master Lab 4
    The lived-in home: interior renovation and furnishing project for a single-family home
  • Lighting technology
  • Advanced 3D Modelling techniques
  • Graphic processing
  • Applied graphics and layout
  • Digital photography
  • Advanced digital representation techniques
  • ArchiCAD notions and applications

Skills acquired at the end of the course

Project Developing
Design Software
Materials and Techniques
Cultural Background
Hand Sketching

The professional figures

  • Designer care of:
    – Architectural and design studios
    – Contracting companies
    Interior design showrooms
    Interior design companies
    Companies that organise trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Freelance interior designer for private clients


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