Product Design

Annual Courses
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7 months / 540 hours (3 modules) (3 modules)
20 hours a week
time 14-18 from Monday to Friday
8 - 15

The goal is to develop creativity for the design of furnishings and accessories, either single or organised in systems

Students will be able to transform passion and talent into plastic forms that meet the demand for functionality, aesthetics, production and market logic.

The course

Design is one of the undisputed excellences of the Made-in-Italy which has maintained its leadership even in the era of such a globalised and highly competitive market. The course offers wide-ranging training that starts from a historical/cultural analysis, arriving, through the knowledge of the production processes, materials, modelling software and prototyping techniques, at the final design of products that can easily be inserted both in the sales strategies and in the production processes.
Creative designer and design-manager: these are the two aspects of the professional figure that the course intends to train. Students will be able to transform passion and talent into plastic forms that meet the demand for functionality, aesthetics, production and market logic.
The training background acquired will open the door to numerous job opportunities: freelance activities, consultancy for agencies dedicated to consumer goods, collaboration with the design department of companies, inclusion in the design project of specialized professional firms. As an advanced training course, the Product Design course is also designed for those who already carry out professional activities and aspire to a specific in-depth study on the themes of design.
Objectives of the course

  • Acquisition of the “product culture” through the history of the furnishings and industrial design
  • Learning how to model and render with dedicated software
  • A conscious approach to design strategy
  • Knowledge of the possible technologies and time/production methods
  • Ability to create graphic elaborations (also in video sequences) that allow for proper communication of the project to the stakeholders.
  • Freehand Sketching  
  • Digital design software/Autocad2D-Rhinoceros-Sketchup
  • Analysis of the types of product (furniture, accessories – Spot analysis of companies
  • Methods and development of the project
  • History of furnishing
  • History del product design
  • Design and culture: art, craftsmanship, industry – Design and lifestyle
  • Techniques, processes and methods of production
  • Self-made design
  • Digital design software/Rhinoceros-advanced
  • Software for graphic processing and layout: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Video editing software
  • Market surveys-theory and practical
  • Promotional product communication  
  • Product branding
  • History of furnishing
  • History of product design
  • Prototypes and 3D printing
  • Final project

For the detailed programme and costs of the course, please download the informative PDF

Skills acquired at the end of the course

Furniture Design
Project Developing
Digital Drawing and Modeling Software 2D/3D
Production Techniques and Procedures
Product Marketing
Hand Sketching
Historical Background

The professional figures

  • Designer for companies in the furniture/décor accessory sector
  • Designer for contracting companies
  • Freelance designer for private client-furniture


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