Interior Design

Short Course
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5 weeks / 40 hours
Start lessons: 14 September 2020
8 hours per week
time 2pm to 6pm from Monday to Thursday
4 - 10

A full-immersion overview of interior design

The aim is to focus, through the realization of a project, on the salient points of the activity and to offer a starting point for those who intend to make it a profession

The Course

In 40 hours the student will begin to understand the methods of interior design thanks to practical exercises aimed at the realisation of a complete project.
Introduction to Interior Design
Analysis of the housing types – (apartment, studio/loft, single-family home), the of decoration/furniture project, the overall interior design with changes to the plan/the renovation, the types of furniture: built-in furniture and design/standard furnishings.
Representation and drawing techniques (basics) – transforming the idea into drawings
Designing – a specific interior project (two-room apartment in contemporary location) that the students will develop in graphic works (plans, prospects and renderings)
Design tutoring – support laboratory in which the teacher follows the students in the realisation of specific design documents.
2D-3D digital drawing – use of the Sketchup programme for a rapid two/three-dimensional realisation of the elaborated projects.


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